Ferndown & District U3A is a charity, No 1073206, registered with the UK Charity Commissioners

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Ferndown & District U3A is an individual group, affiliated to the Third Age Trust, the National Body of the University of the Third Age


Ferndown & District U3A

Should you have any questions and wish to contact someone about Ferndown U3A, please use one of the methods below.  You may also use these methods to contact a Group Leader or an committee member.  Please leave your contact details and you will have a response as soon as possible.

The DATABASE and its information may be viewed, both by members and non members, by clicking on the relevant link below

As a member you can -

     check groups on which you are enrolled

     view other groups with vacancies

     view a calendar of your, or all, groups

As a non member you can -

    view details of all groups

Unfortunately, it has been necessary to make amendments to some of the Groups offered     These can be viewed by clicking on the link


 Non Members  CLICK HERE

Members, once you have entered the Database, to access the Members Portal you must identify yourself using your details and the membership number you have been sent.  Confirm your identity and then select what you want to see or do

To see which groups you have been allocated, select GROUPS

Scroll down to find the groups for which you have applied, to see your results  

You will see either enrolled as MEMBER or on the WAITING LIST

By clicking on a WAITING group heading, further details will be displayed, together with the option of leaving the group

By clicking on the MEMBER group heading, similar details will be displayed, together with the option of leaving

To see the dates, times and venues for all groups, select the CALENDAR heading in the Member’s Portal screen

By clicking on a group heading, the name of the venue plus a link to a map of its location will be seen

Now you have visited this page today, please remember our Website can tell you all you need to know about our U3A and news about past and future events. However, this is only possible if members and group leaders keep me informed of what they have done or will be doing with their groups.  

Thank you.  Maggie

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